Small batches: Tef solution to address changes in the electronics industry

Small batches: Tef solution to address changes in the electronics industry
29 March, 2023 Marta Martínez
5a línea SMD de Tef para fabricar lotes cortos

The electronics industry has evolved significantly in recent times. The shortage of components and their long delivery times are among the main factors that are reducing production batches to adapt them as much as possible to the available components. At Tef we are aware of the current situation, so we want to provide our customers a quick and streamlined response with the aim of manufacturing small batches in the shortest time with a high mix of different products.

Many manufacturers rely currently on Tef, a specialist in electronic boards assembly as their technological partner to manufacture their electronic equipment. Our goal with this renewed plan is the ability to meet all their needs.

SMD assembly growth

At Tef we are committed to increase our production capacity by implementing our fifth SMD line whose configuration is identical to the four previous lines. This new line allows us to be more flexible, streamlined and quick for changes and new setups.

Our PCB SMD assembly lines consist of:

  • AT Screen Printing: Solder paste printer Mod. AT
  • SPI 3D: Pemsaturn-4MP – Saturn Inline Solder Paste Inspection
  • Pick and Place 471: High-speed flexible mounter SM471
  • Pick and Place 482: Multi-functional placer SM482 Plus
  • 11-Way Oven: Lead-free reflow oven with 10 heating zones model MSTR-1000
  • AOI 3D: Eagle 8800HSL

THT assembly growth

A growth in SMD assembly would not be consistent without a corresponding growth in THT assembly. Tef is aware of this, so we have implemented two automated high-production THT lines: one based on a selective wave configuration and the other one on conventional wave:

  • Ersa Versaflow 4050 Selective
  • Ersa Powerflow Pro

These two waves are supported by two conventional waves for medium production quantities.

With the growth of equipment, both SMD assembly and THT assembly, we ensure our goal: to expand our capacity to manufacture small batches meeting all the needs of our customers.