Ferran Forges is appointed Managing Director of Tef

Ferran Forges is appointed Managing Director of Tef
18 February, 2019 Marta Martínez
Ferran Forges Prados

The Tef family has grown after Ferran Forges Prados has been appointed Managing Director. Ferran, who has a previous experience in Operations, will contribute to the ongoing improvement of our processes, a key area for Tef.

From October 2018, Ferran will share his new role at Tef with Ivan Marco. Both, together with the Chairwoman, Marisol Prados, make up the management team.

This appointment is extremely relevant for the employees at Tef and for our customers, partners and providers, since Ferran will not only strengthen our human and professional team. This will ensure the company’s consistency and will establish its management team.

Ferran Forges Prados, son of Marisol Prados and Josep Forges – founder of Tef – is a key person to keep our familiar profile, customized contact and vicinity that features our company.

More information about Josep Forges, the foundation and evolution of Tef Montajes y Servicios at Company History.

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